I need a change

Leo, Thursday, 27 August 2009

If you keep on doing the same old thing, you can't be too surprised if you keep on getting the same result. A change is not just 'as good as a rest'; it is as good as a helicopter. It can lift you right up and out of a situation that has been slowly draining your energy. It can allow you to look down on a set of familiar circumstances from the lofty height of a fresh perspective. It can help you tell the wood from the trees and see the overview where before, you have been caught up in the detail. If you want such a change, you can have it now. Soon, many dramas will unfold around us as Saturn and Uranus renew their intense opposition. But the healing 'triple conjunction' of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron remains powerful too.


If only I could figure out what direction I'm supposed to be going...

This is today!


Visualize peace and abundance for all. This is the time we see the world we choose to live in. See it in all its splendour; you must see even that which you could not believe to be true. Imagine in your mind a community sharing and caring for all. Imagine a world of plenty using systems that work with our earth for a sustainable coexistence with humanity. See peoples' needs and desires met in a loving, peaceful manner cooperating in all so that we all will benefit. See it! What does it look like? See the people in your life living in harmony. See the children of the world in comfort and delight choosing just like us. A cooperative planet sharing the journey seeing to needs of all including our great mother earth.
love and be loved by blasphemae

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The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1) I make no guarantees that you will like what I make;
2) It'll be done this year (er, before December 31st, 2009)
3) You have no clue what it's going to be. It could be anything!
Jewelry, a poem, a contract, a mix CD, a photograph... anything, really.
4) I reserve the right to make something extremely odd.

The catch? The catch is that you incur a moral obligation to re-post and follow through.

*shrugs* this is from Mel's journal I'll try to come up with stuff too if anyone wants something.
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DVD capable Laptop

Hello people, long time no post.

I'm actually just wondering if anyone reading this has or knows someone who has a laptop that's capable of playing DVD's that they would be willing to lend to a lady I know who is going to be cooped up at the hospital/nursing home for the next two to three months.

I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. :)

Great America Fright Fest 2007

Hey guys here's the update

If I didn't call you and you want to go I didn't mean to leave you out I remember making a lot of phone calls but I may have missed people.

The Fright Fest Trip is Sat. Oct. 20th that's this upcoming weekend a week from yesterday. We've got Sean Caleb Renee and I in one car so that means it would be great if someone else would volunteer to drive since as far as people who have gotten back to me Jim, Tick Gemma and Keith would also like to go. Sorry it's on Saturday Zac. :(

Is there anyone else that wants to go that didn't get mentioned here? If you read this and know that someone else would want to go could you help pass it on? Thanks!
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Great America the time is now!

Those of you that said you were interested in getting season passes the time is now! I'm going to call people in the next few days, I want to make this happen ASAP. If you want to contact me call me, I don't have internets right now.(I'm at Gemma, Keith, Tom and Chads)
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